Sunday, January 20, 2013

What are the things you wish you were great at?

We all have our flaws, whether we would like to admit them or not. As much as we try to hide behind our masks we know the truth. 

We are all bad at something. That is just a fact. 

If there was one thing that I could be great at it would being in relationships. 

I'm not horrible at relationships, but it's difficult for me. It may be trust issues from my past or just this underlying disease I don't know about. Either way it's something I struggle with. 

It could be a mental health issue, but I just never really looked into it. 

As silly as it may seem to you, it's serious to me. My look on all relationships may differ from yours. 

Another thing I wish I was great at would be being a daughter. That's not something I need to explain. It also goes with my inability to be good at relationships. I Love you Mom. 
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