Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby-led Solids

My baby girl is growing up! She is still exclusively breastfed, and I want to keep it that way. She seems to have other plans. Every meal that I eat, she seems to attempt to steal my food. The faces she makes are just adorable. If she isn't close enough to grab at what I'm eating she will start to cry. This is such a new thing for her, just these last two days. I'm so amazed at her milestones and how she is progressing. She can almost get herself sitting up from a laying down position as well. She can roll either way. It is such a beautiful process; watching a child grow. 

Huh? What is this Baby-led Solids you speak of?

Baby led Solids,  allows babies to learn appetite control, so they eat when they become hungry and stop when they are full. Sort of like breastfeeding and feeding on demand. 

This usually starts at about 6+ months of age. It may or may not help reduce the risk of obesity later in life. This involves introducing several different types of foods and textures to your baby. Some babies will initially play with their food before tasting it. Unlike my baby girl who just decided to go at it, and steal my breakfast.
Also, it is important to go at your babies pace. No rushing. 

Unlike some, I do use pureed foods. I prefer homemade, or organic baby foods. But again, at babies pace. 

There is a lot of hype over rice cereals. I'm here to tell you that you do not need to give your baby this. If you do, make it yourself. I have a recipe here if you would like to give it a try. I rather not go into why I feel this way. This is a decision left to parents. Also, babies should not have honey until at least 12 months of age. 

Sometimes babies may gag, and you may start to panic. This is usually because baby has developed the ability to cope with solids. Which means that they can move their food within their mouths to prevent choking. Still, choking is possible with anybody. So relax and let baby tell you what he/she wants. Gagging and choking are two different things.

Keep in mind that I am not a doctor and you should always discuss starting any solids with your babies doctor.

Finger foods that are suitable from about six months:

  • Cooked sticks, slices or chunks of; carrot, broccoli, sweet potato, potato, courgette, butternut squash, apple etc
  • slices or chunks of; banana, peaches, pears, melon, cucumber etc
  • Citrus fruits
  • Cooked pasta
  • squares of toast 
  • Bread sticks
  • Cheese – cut into sticks or grated ( I usually wait until 8 months or so)
  • Yogurt
Do you have any other finger food suggestions?

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