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App Finity App Drive Review

App Finity App Drive Review
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Get behind the wheel of the ultimate driving simulator! Using patented touch pad technology, the AppDrive puts you right in the race! 4 console buttons deliver shifting, breaking, drifting and more! Customize each one while your race through popular licensed and non-licensed games. Whether it's stock cars, planes or motocross, AppDrive puts you behind the wheel!

The AppDrive can be broken up into two parts: the holding area designed to cradle an iPhone or select Android phone (those with screens the size of the iPhone), and the mechanism that activates onscreen gaming functions. The AppDriver lets you truly get the feel of driving games. The thumb buttons are matched with index finger triggers under the wheel. Note the small “shelf” over the top of the screen, which hides the touch pads.

AppFinity AppDrive Features

Compatible with:
iPod Touch (4th Generation), iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and Android

  • Motion Controlled Steering (gyroscopic)
  • Multiple Driving Apps to Download
  • Completely Customizable Controls

Includes: 1 App Drive Wheel, 1 User Instruction Guide

AppFinity – AppDrive completely make the racing games more easy, more real to play!

I love how you can freely move around the room making your own racing sounds to your heart’s content. Which is a must have for kids! It was hilarious to watch actually.

iPhone 4/4s


Gas/brake buttons

To begin with, the physical condition of the AppDrive is well done. It’s a great size, not some cheap wheel that can fit in one hand. The AppDrive wheel itself feels great. It’s plastic, but with textured rubber grips that makes it easy and comfortable to hold onto. It could have been maybe a half inch wider on each side, to allow more room for larger hands not to bump up against, but kids will have no problem. The wheel features four buttons (two on the front, two paddles on the back) that are in just the right places, and work in a unique way. I highly recommend this as a gift to a child or even a parent. 

Buy It: $19.99 at Toys "R" Us

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