Saturday, March 16, 2013

GIANTmicrobes Penicillin Review and Giveaway

Recently my family had the opportunity to try out our very own GIANTmicrobe. It was a big hit as soon as it arrived. My kids have gotten a kick out of it. It came at just the right time too. I'm learning all sorts all cool things in Anatomy and my kids have enjoyed looking at pictures of different organisms and cells. I'm so happy that they could see what a cell looks like in a much more child friendly way. It has been a great experience for the entire family. We got to teach them a lot from it.

About GIANTmicrobes:
Founded in 2002, their mission at GIANTmicrobes Inc. is to produce unique and interesting gifts for children and adults alike. Offering dozens of stuffed toys and other products, GIANTmicrobes has created a fun and easy way for everyone to learn more about common, and not so common, health problems, viruses, and diseases. So whether you're interest is educational, medical, or just plain old entertainment, they're your number one source for all things microbial! 

This is such an adorable way to teach our children about health and the human body. There are many different GIANTmicrobes to choose from and we had a hard time deciding. Obviously getting chlamydia was out of the question. But Meningitus, Rotavirus, Cancer, and the Flu were high on our list.

I wanted to teach them that even though there are illnesses, we have these amazing treatments such as Penicillin which combats illness. This is a great learning system and we had a lot of fun. Our Penicillin arrived with a tag attached with additional information on Penicillin. It was great to be able to use that information to explain it better to my kids. 

Where to Buy:
You can purchase your very own GIANTmicrobe directly from Most microbes come in 3 different sizes the Original $8.95 (5-7″ plush doll), the Petri Dish $12.95 (3 mini microbes), and GIGANTICmicrobe $29.95 (15-20″ plush doll). They also have a wide variety of other merchandise.

Giveaway Time
GIANTmicrobes has so graciously offered my readers a chance to win their very own! 
Thank you.

The giveaway will run 3/16 through 3/24.
The winner will receive an original GIANTmicrobe of their choice.
You must enter your email address to be eligible. All other entries are not required, but increase your odds.
US only 18+
Void where prohibited.

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  1. I would choose the common cold

  2. Who new some of those nasty things could be so cute! I love the waterbear! I have always thought they were the coolest things ever since learning about them in university.

  3. I would totally chose Anthrax it's my favorite bacteria since ever!

  4. I always thought the fat cells were cute! Not on me of course!

  5. Ahh!! I don't know which GiantMicrobe I would choose!!! Probably Listeria (Listeria monocytogenes)!! I love them all and am such a Microbiology nerd!

  6. I would choose White Blood Cell!

  7. i would choose either the neuron, or Naegleria fowleri (brain eating amoeba


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