Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Subscription box from Citrus Lane

Have you heard of Citrus Lane?

We have ordered quite a few subscription boxes. So far we love our Stork Stack subscription. I just purchased our first Citrus Lane box and cannot wait for it to arrive.

Use the coupon TakeHalf to get 50% off your purchase! 

Do you have a favorite Subscription company?
I would love for you to share it with us. 

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  1. I have a subscription to BirchBox each month - it is very similar to this. $10/month and they send you a box full of lady thing :) Anything from eye liner, hairspray, lip gloss, nail polish, lotion, perfume etc and it's all very high end name brand. I would never buy these things other wise.. it's my one thing that makes me still feel like a normal woman and not just a mommy all the time haha


  2. No I haven't heard of Citrus Lane. I might have to check them out. Thanks! Can't wait to see what you got....

  3. @Michelle

    I will have to look into that one. Thank you for letting me know.

  4. My 3.5 year old loves getting a box from BabbaCo each month. It is a monthly subscription activity box that comes with ALL the physical materials plus know-how content to really engage with your kids.

    We also receive the CitrusLane box for my youngest and love it!

    If you ever need Fun Activities for Kids, let me know and I can get you a discount at BabbaCo. Here's a coupon if you need one now:

  5. I just ordered my first Citrus Lane Box for my 5 month old daughter. If you would like to try one use this link to get $10 off your box. Usually $25 but with this link it will be $15. Link really works!! Promise :) and it can be used by all not just one person.


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