Sunday, March 17, 2013

Transition from the swaddle ~ A Zipadee-Zip review

We have had our Zipadee-Zip for just over a month now and we have had such a great experience. We wanted to give baby girl more freedom but just suddenly quitting swaddling was not working out for us very well. Then we found the Zipadee-Zip!

Stephanie is the founder of the Zipadee-Zip. She created it originally for her own daughter. She had such a hard time transitioning baby girl from the swaddle. She compared it to a "nightmare!" This is definitely a huge success in my eyes as well.

It gives baby girl the freedom she wants, but the sleep that she needs. Without it we find she stays restless, taking what seems like forever to finally fall asleep. She loves putting her arm over her face while falling asleep and the Zipadee-Zip makes it all that much more easier for her. Before she would struggle to get her arms free from the swaddle, and succeed. This way, we are both happy!

It was an interesting transition at first, and I was not sure if she would like it. I know how much she enjoyed her hands. It really helped her sleep, and fall asleep much faster. She can play with her hands while awake! It's not a big deal at all. She still sucks on her hands, which leaves the arms drenched. The collar is also a bit odd. It comes up a bit high, which also leaves it drenched in drool. A little extra laundry for us, but it's fine.

We started with a small Zipadee-Zip and transitioned to the medium. We started using it for naps and that was a great way to go. We had issues with her naps being super short and finally got her to sleep for 2 hours! yay. It worked instantly, she had never slept without me until we put her in the Zipadee-Zip. 

The Zipadee-Zip is a great way to transition out of the swaddle! We had such a great experience with it. I highly recommend it to everyone. Our baby girl is 6 months old now and has successful ended swaddling. We started when she was about 5 months and it was such a smooth transition! 

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  1. Those are so neat! I would to be able to get my nephew one! Adorable baby btw!!

  2. I think this is definitely what we are going to look into for my next baby. My now 13 month old had a really hard time with the transition, but at the time I wasn't aware of these. I'll have to remember this! Thanks for the review!

  3. @bkennedy
    Awe, Thank you. She definitely is my child. ;-)

  4. @Melissa G

    I definitely recommend these. It is definitely a must have for those hard to please babies.

  5. I currently use the Zipadee-Zip. It really helped my sons sleep when he broke out of his swaddle. The problem was that without his swaddle working, he would have a major startle reflex. The Zipadee-Zip helps my son sleep better because the slight resistance in the fit helps a baby feel enclosed and cozy enough to soothe the startle or 'moro' reflex that jolts a baby to wake on a constant basis.  I absolutely love it!

  6. I bought a Zipadee-Zip from and it's worked really well for our little guy. He was right at the point to where he'd break out of his swaddle multiple times during the night, but had trouble falling asleep without it. The Zipadee-Zip seemed to help him not flail around so much, and I really like that it keeps his hands covered- keeps them warm, and prevents him from scratching his face to pieces. He now likes to chew on the sleeves, haha. He slept amazingly well in it the first night. I have washed and dried ours a bunch of times, and it is holding up well. I bought a medium for our 5 month old- he is 18lbs and 28 inches- and it was still a little big- wish I'd have bought the small to start because the suit is cut in a wingspan shape. The tension helps him in rolling around and flipping from his tummy.

  7. We just started night #1 with the zipadee last night and though it wasn't instant sleep, it was a much better night than we've been experiencing since the transition to the crib two weeks ago. I'm hoping night #2 is even better! When you say she was completely out of the swaddle by 6 months, do you mean even out of the zipadee? If not, did you have to experience a transition out of the zipadee and was it as bad as a transition out of a swaddle? I'm worried we'll just have to go through another bad transition period after the zipadee but hoping maybe it won't be so bad?? I really appreciate you sharing your experience!


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