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Baby-Led Breastfeeding Book review & Giveaway

Baby-Led Breastfeeding Book review & Giveaway

From The Book:

Say goodbye to stressful schedules, painful latching, and worries over milk supply. In the same sensible and sensitive voice that has made baby-led weaning a growing sensation, authors Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett show how easy nursing can be when you let your baby lead the way. This comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide will help you understand your baby’s unique, natural pattern and develop a trusting and healthy breastfeeding relationship. With the help of personal anecdotes and color photos from real moms, Rapley and Murkett explain how to:

• Get breastfeeding up and running in the first few weeks

• Hold your baby so that he can feed effectively

• Express and store milk efficiently

• Avoid or remedy sore nipples, mastitis, and other problems

• Wean at a natural pace

Meet the Authors
Tracey Murkett is a voluntary mother-to-mother breastfeeding helper and coauthor with Gill Rapley of Baby-Led Weaning and The Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook.

Gill Rapley, the pioneering champion of baby-led weaning, worked as a public health nurse for over twenty years and has also been a midwife, lactation consultant, and voluntary breastfeeding counselor. She is currently pursuing a PhD in infant feeding.

My Review:

I have breastfeed three children. I'm not sure if I always knew I would breastfeed. My family didn't breastfeed, nor did I know anyone else who did. It was while I was pregnant with my first child when I chose it. The problem is that breastfeeding can be hard. I really wish I read Baby-Led Breastfeeding while I was pregnant with my first child. It is a great resource for new moms.

Education and research are the ultimate combat to great breastfeeding success. This book covers everything  that you will need to know about breastfeeding. I also found it easy to understand and very informative. From explaining how milk is produced, why the latch matters and the importance of the birth and first few hours afterwards to ways to know that breastfeeding is working, lifestyle adjustments and how to feed your baby when you need to be away from them. Worried about teething? This book covers it! 

There is even a great section on starting solids, Baby Led. Baby girl is nearing 7 months old and we have yet to master solids. If you wait until your baby is ready for solids usually 6-9 months, you do not need to try one food at a time. You can trust that their digestive system is matured enough. This is why we chose Baby-Led solids. I loved the section on breastfeeding past infancy and into toddlerhood. 

Baby-Led Breastfeeding also provides many suggestions to help with less common situations such as breastfeeding premature babies or multiples and common problems such as mastitis, blocked ducts and engorgement. I also enjoyed the photos in this book as well. It is a great guide showing everything from what normal breastfed baby poo looks like to a step by step photographic guide to achieving a good latch.

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  2. My husband and I are TTC so this would be for me.

  3. This book will be for me! I am due in July!

  4. My cousin/best friend is due with her 1st in June, would love to give this to her! Currently breastfeeding my 2nd child but 1st time nursing so I know how challenging it can be.


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