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Healthy Tips for Moving Families

Healthy Tips for Moving Families

Moving your family is a massive undertaking that will require a lot of planning, organization, and other such preparations. This is even more true when there are children or pregnant women involved in the process. Regardless of where you are moving to, or how large your family is, it is important that you keep everyone healthy throughout the move. To that end, here are some helpful tips that can put your family on the path to moving success, in a manner that will help you all stay healthy and happy throughout the process.

Getting Help

One of the best ways to ensure your family is safe and healthy throughout the move is to ensure you have help from professional moving companies who will offer you services that help reduce the stress of the move. Services can include everything from packing your things, to simply loading and driving the moving truck, depending on just what you want to do. Ultimately, having this help will give you more time to concentrate on your family and reduce the stress that time constraints place on you overall.

Healthy Preparations

Schedule a final doctor's appointment with your current doctor for everyone in the home. Make sure that you ask for referrals to new doctors if you are moving to an area that is close to the city you live in now. Get copies of all of your medical records before you go so that you have something to give your new doctor when you are settled into your new place. If you are pregnant, be sure to contact doctors ahead of time so that you have something set up as soon as you move into an area just in case something happens and you need them. Don't put off good prenatal care because of the chaos of moving.

Meals and Snacks

Having healthy meals and snacks available during a move is an important part of the process if you want to maintain your family's health and wellness. It is easy to eat out or order take out when things get hectic and stressful throughout your home, but it is much better to eat home cooked meals even when everything is packed up. To enable this during the most difficult aspects of your move, plan meals ahead of time and be careful to only cook enough for that meal. Leftovers is not something you want during this point in your life, as you might find yourself throwing out a lot of them. Avoid waste and unhealthy eating by planning a meal calendar or by cooking meals ahead of time and freezing them to be reheated in the oven or microwave as moving day approaches.

Packing, Lifting, and Loading

There are a lot of health dangers associated with the moving process. Heavy items throughout your home can create back injuries, while crowded rooms and hallways can pose tripping hazards. To avoid injuries, and protect your body when you are moving, be careful to follow the rules of lifting when you are packing and loading your goods. If you haven't chosen to allow a moving company to pack your things for you, then start packing them yourself at least a few weeks ahead of time. Take care when bending so that you don't twist your back or hurt yourself, as the last thing you need during this already chaotic time in your life is a trip to the ER or a lasting back injury.

While moving is difficult overall, it is important to take these steps so that you can safeguard the health of your family throughout the process. Keep these things in mind and you'll easily get through the moving process without injury or illness plaguing you at all.

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  1. Great points. Our family just moved last month. Only step we didn't take was asking for help, either from friends or moving company. For me, that would be more stressful! :)

  2. Nice post, this is coming from someone who has moved at least 5 times in the last 4 years! I think I'm finally where I'm going to stay though so hopefully I won't be needing tips like this for a LONG while :)

  3. This is a great post!! We are moving soon and I will use some of your tips!

  4. Very good suggestions. I find the added element of having to deal with entertaining little ones between the process of moving to be an added stress for some families. We would keep one small tote bag of "tricks" to entertain them with separate from all the packed boxes and sometimes mom just had to break down and get out a mini chalk board easle or etch a sketch to keep them busy drawing and staying still while we packed/moved. Not always an easy task when they are so curious with what is going on. Keep a small cooler of light snacks available for the kids to grab themselves if they are old enough since the kitchen will probably be all packed up already. Less interruptions on you with your packing/moving that way.

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