Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sweet Bobbins Review

Sweet Bobbins Review

My family loves cloth diapers. To be honest, when we first started out years ago I didn't even think to use cloth wipes. Now it just seems silly not to. It is far more easier to stuff a cloth wipe into a dirty cloth diaper and toss it into a wet bag. Am I right? Of course I am. 

Why Use Cloth Wipes? 

Reusable wipes:

  • Produce far less solid waste than conventional wipes. Babies go through thousands and thousands of diaper changes before being potty trained – the folks over at diaper decisions estimate about six to eight thousand changes.
  •  free from the chemicals found in most commercial baby wipes.
  • softer on baby’s bum, and do a much better job of cleaning up messes.
  • Save a lot of $$ money.
  • even if you don’t cloth diaper, it is a great idea to use cloth wipes as they don’t have all of the harmful chemicals found in traditional wipes.
Angela from Sweet Bobbins sent a starter set of girly wipes for us to try. As soon as I opened up my package I knew how much I was about to fall in love with them. They are super soft, and super adorable.

Her wipes are made from Snuggly soft flannel cotton and organic bamboo velour. I absolutely love the word velour. Especially on items touch my babies little bum. 

They are simple enough to use. Pre-Wash them, just as you probably would any diaper or baby clothing. Use the solution you prefer. Even a spray bottle with water works great with these. 

I had no issues while using our Sweet Bobbins cloth wipes. They are probably the best wipes I have ever used. For most of the poopy diapers I have only needed one wipe. Which I find crazy!

They are also priced well. The starter set will definitely get you through 1-3 days. Most of us do diaper wash every 2-3 days anyway. I mean 12 wipes, really won't hurt your wash routine.

Some people may find them thick, but I have to disagree. There is no way that a wipe can be too thick. It is the thickness that gets the job done. My little girl doesn't complain either. I'm sure she rather have the softness on her little tushy. What is great is you can also set aside a couple for bath time. Which we definitely did. It works so well as a face towel. I'm not even kidding. I may buy several for us to use for that purpose. It is definitely love.

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  1. We love using cloth wipes! Thanks for linking up to THE Pin it Party - hope to see you back next week! <3 Kristin @ One Organic Mama


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