Friday, April 12, 2013

Wristy Buddy

Wristy Buddy Review

About the company: 
Wristy Buddy was designed for babies who haven't developed the motor skills to hold traditional objects for teething.  It's made of absorbent and non-toxic materials, so it also aids in helping keep clothes & little faces dry. Wristy Buddy is BPA-Free, Lead-Free, Phthalate-Free, and Non-Toxic certified.  Suitable for babies over 3 months, it is also machine washable and dryer safe. 

We received the cow Wristy Buddy to review. It was love at first sight! haha. We put it on her tiny wrist and it went straight into her mouth. Drool and all! It is really adorable too. Definitely a fashion statement.
Small enough to fit into my hand.
Soft and Stretchy.

I have three kids. Two of which have gone through the horrible days of teething. My first was 4 months when she got her first tooth. At that age, what child can hold onto a teether? Exactly! I always had that problem with my older kids. Now comes the Wrist Buddy. I am so pleased with this product. It is definitely helping us get through this cranky time in our lives. It is a lifesaver!

Baby Girl started teething around 5 months. Everything goes into that mouth! The problem I had was that she was still too small to hold most things and would easily get frustrated.

Baby girl got her first tooth on April 11, 2012. Two more are coming in!

My 4 year old even tried it on, it went on perfectly! 

Some important facts that we absolutely love about Wristy Buddy.

BPA-Free, Lead-Free, Phthalate-Free and Non-Toxic certified by a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission approved laboratory.

  • Suitable for babies 3+ months
  • Machine Washable - cold and gentle cycle, tumble dry on low
  • Manufactured in China
  • Absorbant!

It didn't take long before she pulled it off. Which can be both a pro and con. 

Overall, we love Wristy Buddy and are so grateful for it! 

Buy It: Visit The Wristy Buddy's Website to view a list of retailers.

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  1. Cute pictures of your daughter! Love that this product is easier to slip on.


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