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Air Walker Bounce Castle Review and Giveaway!

Air Walker Bounce Castle Giveaway
Hosted By: So Sew Mama
Sponsored by: Blast Zone

We wanted something that was sturdy and would hold our three children. We purchased our Bounce House off Amazon. At a discount, mind you. As soon as it arrived the mail carrier stated how obnoxiously heavy the box was. HaHa. It weighs in at about 60 pounds. Which really isn't that bad. I was surprised at how sturdy it was. I was able to carry our Air Walker Bounce Castle around back to set it up with ease.

It was ready for use in about a matter of 5 minutes. With a less than a minute inflation. You can see that in the video as well. My kids had a great time! So be sure to check that out.We can use it inside and out too. Which I may, or may not try inside. If I do, I will let you know. It comes with stakes to hold it down outdoors. The blower really did blow up the bouncer in about less than 1 minute.

  "BLAST ZONE" are one of the best brands on the market. First off, they are American made. The second thing is, you need to decide is what features you want like Balls, slides, hoops or whatever features you think you want. We love that it is extremely vibrant and bright. You can tell by the look on my kids faces that they love it.

I absolutely love that the Air Walker Bounce Castle has a commercial grade floor. It will hold up longer than other brands. I have looked over this castle a lot and the the stitching is done wonderfully.

What I absolutely love is the fact that buying it is about the same as renting one! WOW. That is a deal!!

My Fiance gets in it and he is over 200 pounds they don't suggest that but he likes to play with the kids in it. It is a great material that will hold up for years not like some other brands out there that might last a year or so. I know this Blast Zone Air Walker will last years and years.

At 8' x 8', this is one of the largest that you can easily bring inside and use outside. Unlike some of the smaller ones that are more "toys" for infants, this is a real bounce house and can support up to 300 lbs. I can easily get inside this thing and bounce around with my kids.
Few other positives:

  • The walls are high and while I wouldn't recommend it, your kids can launch themselves against them.
  • It blows up quickly - few minutes and you've got a castle.
  • The price is fair at $200. 
As for cons, my only minor concern is that it says not to use an extension cord, and the cord is relatively small. Not an issue for inside use, but it has to work with an extension cord outside. We bought a tarp for it. Because I was not sure of how it would handle an uneven ground. Buying a tarp isn't expensive and it will save your Bounce Castle. The carry bag that it comes with is really not big enough. I wish it was just a bit bigger.

It is a great investment, and at $199, it isn't even a large investment. Well worth it, in my opinion. 

 Overview of the Air Walker Bounce Castle:
  • Quick set up, less than a minute to inflate.
  • It catches the eye, extremely colorful. Kids will go crazy!
  • Very durable!
  • Stitching looks Superb!
  • Not too heavy. Easily carried
  • Great for parties of young children.
  • Not loud.
  • A carrying case. It isn't very big, but helps to lug it around.

I would definitely recommend this castle to all families.

Buy It: Amazon for $199

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