Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 6 of the #FlatsChallenge

I wasn't sure what to write about today. I also had an extremely busy day at that. 

Not wanting to miss a day of the challenge I wanted to just let you all know we are sticking to it. Even though the weather stinks. My flats are taking forever to dry, yet we are somehow making it. Tomorrow is the last day of the flats challenge with Dirty Diaper Laundry. I'm actually thinking about de-stashing some of my pockets and buying flats. (hint hint* I'm open for trades)

You can find a lot of really amazing flats online. Some are expensive and some are cheap. I personally have the cheap, store-bought flats and they work just fine for us. Although I can’t deny that I do prefer using my OsoCozy brand flats over the Gerber brand. Gerber seems to shrink up on me. It’s just thinner and more gauzy then the OsoCozy brand. Another great alternative to buying an actual package of flat diapers is to buy a pack of flour sack towels. These are found with the dish towels at the local Wal-mart or Target. These are typically $3.99 for a pack of 4. That’s just $1 per diaper! I use the Target brand as well, and they work great. If not better! They are softer, but not as thick. You can even use a T-Shirt to make 2 flats! Just grab an XXL or larger T, cut around the seams. Typically a 30x30 piece. You will get 2 diapers from one T. Super stretchy and absorbant!

There are just so many types of flats out there!

Pros of Flats:

  • Absorbent

  • Very Cheap

  • Easy to wash and dry

  • Many uses!! Burp cloth, doublers, booster, insert..etc

  • You can personalize them easily! Dye them, embroider them.. Have fun!

Cons of Flats:

  • You need a cover for longer periods. We manage fine without one sometimes..

  • You have to fold them

  • Not as convenient

  • Hard to use on squirmy babies

  • You need pins, snappi or boingos. (unless padfolding)

  • Blowouts happen!
If flats are not your thing, you could always go for prefolds. They are also cheap, but they take a bit longer to dry.

If you don't use flats, would you consider it?
If you do, What convinced you to try them?

I am totally in love with my flats!! 
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  1. I don't use these types of products but I'm definitely learning a lot from your challenge!


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