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How To Set Up A Family Portrait

How To Set Up A Family Portrait

Family portraits are a very important event; it is that occasion when you somehow manage to get everyone together in the same place at the same time to take a nice photo that will serve as a lovely memory of when the children were young. When it comes to doing your family portrait then it is essential that you get it right the first time, most people don’t have the money to hire an expensive photographer so this article will outline the key factors in ensuring that it is executed in the most professional way possible but done by yourself.
Choose The Right Location
The location is one of the most important decisions to make. Some people like to go for a warm photo in the lounge where the family is sat together on the sofa; others prefer to have it in the garden. The other slightly more expensive option is to go to a location agency who can give you a list of affluent and unusual locations to use. These locations range from French glamour to art deco and traditional Victorian, you simply get in touch with a company who can forward you to people who have added their house to a database to be used as a photography location.
Ensure The Lighting Is Correct
The single most important element in a photograph is the lighting, as an amateur photographer you are much better off taking the photo inside, the lighting conditions are so much easier to control and you can spend as long as you want setting it up. The issue with outside photos is that you have to make sure the lighting intensity is right and you generally have a very short period of time when that is the case. When setting up indoor lighting the important rule is to make sure that the light level are the same on all sides of the people in the photo, you don’t want shadows and you also don’t want lights shining in their eyes so try to use lights with filters over them instead of bare light bulbs. Once you have what you think are the correct conditions do a test photo with only yourself in it to make sure it is right before getting everybody set up in their positions.
Carefully Select The Layout
Once all of your setup work is done and you are happy with the location and lighting conditions it is time to get the family in! This is the nightmare bit where you have to co-ordinate the children, get them to behave and stay in their positions whilst sorting the camera out. People like to set up their photos in different way, some prefer the adults in the middle and the children either side, others prefer the children in the middle and the adults at the sides. Another alternative is to do it standing up with the adults at the back and children in front. Make sure everyone is smiling, set the camera timer, run back and away you go with your photo. You can have a few attempts with it if needs be and then you can always edit in Photoshop afterwards if there is something you are particularly unhappy with such as red eye or colour saturation.

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