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Organic Boba 3G Carrier Review and Giveaway

Organic Boba 3G Carrier Review and Giveaway

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I received the Organic Boba Carrier 3G in Pine to review. Baby Wearing is the art of "wearing your baby". There are so many reasons to wear your baby. Just a few reasons that come to mind. It helps baby feel more connected to their care giver. Allows daddy's to be a part of bonding with their babies in a practical way. Especially for dads who feel left out during breastfeeding. It can help ease fussiness as well. Most carriers also allow for hands free nursing when used correctly. This can be a great way to feed your baby while you are walking or out of the house.

The first thing I noticed about our new Boba Carrier is the quality fabric. It’s a heavier, and with great stitching. The Boba also comes with a hood for baby’s head that can be tucked away in the zippered pouch. You can attach and detach the hood as your discretion. I had forgot that I took it off and wished it was their when baby girl fell a sleep.
A, had to get in the picture with Baby a. 

When baby girl falls asleep while I'm wearing her, I can put the hood up, which contains her head and provides her with a darker and more comfortable sleep environment where she can still breathe easily. It is also a great wind and sun barrier.

This carrier can hold babies/toddlers from 7-45lbs. The other great features of the Boba Carrier is the pockets. You can put your money in a pocket, and even your keys. I also put my iPhone in the pocket.

The Boba organic baby carrier is also compact enough to take everywhere.

Folded up

Babies will spit up. Or even suck on the side or straps of the carrier. I was a bit dissconcered because of the fact I have read that the colors tend to run. But, we did not have an issue with this. I put my faith in the fact that this carrier is organic. 

There is K, getting in on the action.
Two simple buckles and you got it on! It's extremely simple. At first I was intimidated. I wasn't sure if I would be able to tighten it correctly. But I did, and now all I have to do is buckle it on and go!
About the company:  Boba was created when Elizabeth had the idea, and her husband Robert made her creation come to life. They had a "wrap" idea and sold their first in rural Slovenia while traveling in 2007.  They set up a website selling the Sleepy Wrap (now the Boba Wrap) and did everything they could over the next few months to grow their business.  They are one of the top companies in the babywearing community now in just six short years!  In addition to their wrap, they now have a soft structured carriers as well. 

The Boba Organic 3G comes in three colors: pine,  chestnut, and walnut. It retails for $160, with a non organic version available for $125.

the main features of the Boba baby carrier:
  • Fabric: 100% cotton (organic cotton option is available)
  • Carry options: Front and back carry
  • Closures: 1 buckle for the waist, 1 buckle for the back (front carry) / chest (back carry), High quality military grade buckles
  • Sleeping hood: Yes, removable, adjustable, can be stored in zipper pouch
  • Baby / Child’s weight range: 7 – 45lbs (~3.18 – 20.4kg)
  • Infant carrier option: Converts to an infant carrier without an insert, Extra head support adjustments for infant
  • Caregiver build: Height 5’0” – 6’3”, Waistband range 25” – 58”
  • Safety: Meets or exceeds all ASTM F-2236, EN13209-2 and CPSIA baby carrier standards or requirements
  • Country of origin: Designed in Colorado (U.S.), made in China
  • They’re available in a range of solid colors and prints.
  • allows the baby to sit comfortably instead of dangle his legs by the crotch (as in the picture above)
  • distributes baby’s weight evenly across caregiver’s shoulders and hips

It is extremely lightweight. I was not dripping with sweat after wearing it for hours at the zoo. Which is not something I can say about my Moby wrap. 

The Boba Baby Carrier 3G also is 2-3 inches higher than other carriers to keep your center of gravity closer to your body and support your baby's back. This carrier will fit people of all sizes and shapes without extension belts or accessories. All the straps are fully adjustable and can be tucked away once you have it adjusted.

How to put on your Boba Baby carrier:

  • buckle the waist belt, tighten,
  • place baby in carrier,
  • put on the shoulder straps,
  • buckle at the back, tighten.

For subsequent use on the same caregiver, there’s no need to adjust the straps anymore.

Why choose Organic?

Did you know, that most of the fabrics that surround baby during her early years contain chemicals that have been reported to cause many illnesses and health conditions?

Organic fabrics, like the cotton used for the Boba baby carrier, are grown without the use of GMO's, synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides.
Regular cotton fabric can contain up to 7 of the 15 most toxic chemicals, according to the EPA
Your baby’s skin is thinner and more porous than yours, making it more susceptible to taking in larger quantities of environmental toxins.
An organic carrier ensures that they are breathing pure air while in an enclosed space.
Organic fabrics are softer feeling and hold up better to multiple washings because they don't contain chemicals that break down the fabric as easily.

Buy it: You can Purchase your very own from the Boba site for $160, or on Amazon.

Connect with Boba: Facebook and Twitter

Are you ready to win your own Boba?
5/4 - 5/20
Open to US residents 18+
Winner will  have 48 hours to respond with their address or a new winner will be chosen.

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Disclosure:: So Sew Mama, and the bloggers involved are not responsible for sponsor prize fulfillment. I was not compensated for this post. So Sew Mama was provided a free sample of the Boba carrier to review. She was under no obligation to write a positive review. One winner will receive a Boba Carrier valued at $160. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Facebook is not associated with this giveaway.
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