Saturday, May 18, 2013

We get by pay check to pay check! It's an up hill battle.

It's been a while since I went all personal with all of you. I'm really sorry about all that, and I plan to make up for it. Here is a story that I have wanted to share with you.

This June will make a year since the loving man in my life was forced to stop working. Why you ask?

Well, he worked for a great company as a lead driver and delivered furniture. We weren't rich, but we were better off then most. We had health insurance and didn't need much help with anything. Life was pretty good if you ask me.

On a rainy day that poor man of mine took a wrong step while unloading the truck and felt something that would change our lives forever. He was in such pain, that his work day ended right there. He was 250 lbs and 6 feet tall, it takes a lot for him to be in that type of pain.

When he got home 4 hours early I was confused. Then he told me that his "hip was killing him." Being the "negative thinker" I am. I immediately thought something horrible just happened. I know what sciatica pain feels like. (You feel me ladies?) What he described was extremely similar, but his foot was numb. (Oh No!)

It took him until the next day to finally go to the hospital. He was given 2 weeks off work. We thought, OK, a vacation. No. 

He had an MRI and when we got the results, we just about died. He had to buldging discs and a ruptured disc in his spine (L4/L5/S1). He had to have a lumbar Discectomy. It was going to be a long road. 

His doctor immediately shared the bad news that he would not be returning to that job, ever. It was a dead end job, but it was our income. I was 5 months pregnant with our third child. He was in bed, and had to stay that way for months. The Workmans Compesation check we get every other week is nearly HALF of what he made. We couldn't afford our health insurance premiums. We had no choice but to ask for help from the state  in which we live. We are now on State Health Insurance and our children had to switch doctors. Which saddened me, and still does. I loved their doctor dearly. She was incredible. We also get $150 a month worth of Food Stamps. Which isn't much at all. We still have to borrow money from his parents to pay for food. Bills pile up! We have a mortgage to pay. 

Why don't I work? Well, I'm in College. I'm breastfeeding. I've done it before, and I hit a breaking point. I just don't have that in me. Which makes me feel horrible! He rather I didn't and I had a job offer recently that he convinced me to turn down. He is hoping to be back and working soon. 

It has been a year now. The surgery is done, and he is healing. We have been through a lot in that time. So many ups and downs, and even in our relationship. I had a baby, which was by C section. I had to heal quickly for him. I did it, and was allowed to go home within 2 days. My all time record.

We have been through heck with these Workmans Comp. people. They have forgotten to send checks, and with our mortgage due, this is catastrophic. We have been waiting 2 months to hear about his working situations and vocational services. They are supposed to help find him schooling, and/or a job. He wanted to go back to work months ago. But with a 50 lb weight restriction, that was not possible any way. 

So now we wait. Wait for vocational services. Wait for me to finally finish school.  Wait for Workmans Comp checks. Wait for a miracle.

All while being the best parents we can be. They are rally all that matter. They deserve to have a childhood. I won't let our situation ruin the memories that we should be making.

For now we are poor, and that is just how it is. We just have to take it one day at a time and move forward and grow. I pray for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. I'm not sure if I could go on like this. 

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  1. Hugs and prayers to you and your family. I am hoping that things turn in the right direction soon.


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