Saturday, June 8, 2013

Brown Cow Cotton Diapers

I recently got the chance to review a diaper from Brown Cow Cotton Diapers. We only received the diaper shell, but Elissa does make flats/inserts as well. I just used only of the flats I already use with it. Maybe one day she will allow me to share those awesome babies with all of you! Because since the Flats and Handwashing Challenge, I am IN LOVE with using flats and snappis.

No pictures, please!

I absolutely LOVE the print she chose for us. It says Reuse right on the bum. The hear mimics the universal recycle symbol as well. Isn't that the cutest thing? I'm in awe.

What is the shell made of?

The cover is three layers.  

  • The outer layer is a cute cotton print.
  • The inner layer is soft and absorbent organic cotton
  • Also, a hidden layer of PUL.  

I kind of wish the snaps were hidden, but that isn't a problem. It is more for cosmetic reasons if anything.

There are three hip snaps and the diaper is a four step (as opposed to the three) step rise. You can't reuse it as you can with regular PUL shells, but it gets the job done. Aria looked so cute in her diaper. Daddy even loved it.

We can easily fold up our flats and snappi them on, follow up with the Brown Cow cotton shell.

I do believe it is a smaller size diaper. It took some pulling at the wings to get all of the snaps.

I did however see that Brown Cow Cotton's Etsy store does sell Snap Snuggies to keep these snaps off of baby's skin if you need them though. I cannot say as far as absorbancy goes for it as I used my flat. But it did not leak. We had no issues what so every and it is a perfect combo for even a padfold.

This is a one size cover that fits most babies from 8-35 pounds. I definitely think this could have fit Aria when a newborn.

This is what the wing snaps look like. I probably wouldn't have to fight with them so much if the were an inch longer.

Check out her adorable covers and awesome flats on Facebook and on Etsy.
"she is currently on vacation as of 6/8."

Also, stay tuned for our giveaway June 12!


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