Thursday, June 20, 2013

Buttons Diapers Review

When Buttons Cloth Diapers contacted me to do a review, I could not refuse! I am addicted to fluff.

Who are they?
Buttons Cloth Diapers is family operated by a husband and wife team who wanted to create an easy and affordable cloth diapering option.  What they came up with is an all-in-two system, which basically means you have a one size waterproof cover and an insert that just snaps in–super simple!  They fit babies from about 9 to 35 pounds and come in 5 adorable colors.

This is what I received
1 one sized diaper cover
1 large daytime insert
1 large nighttime insert

The inserts are extremely soft and unbelievable absorbent. Not to mention thick!

The inserts snap together and snap onto the diaper shell. Making it an easy to use diaper for day time, and bed time!

There is a protective fleece layer over the smaller insert so that the microfiber is not touching babies sensitive skin.

The double leg gussets are also a great add on to this diaper. Giving it extra protection from nasty blow outs!

The diaper cover has two layers of PUL, and make them seem more durable!There are double gussets! Two layers on each leg help with leg leaks. Front and back elastic help keep the front and back snug .

Buttons diapers are sturdy and hold up well. I am very happy to have a Buttons Cloth Diaper in my growing stash. If you have other snap on inserts you can use this cover over and over! It is easy to clean. As long as there is no poop, you can use a wipe to clean it and snap in another insert.

If you can use a snap, you can use this diaper! It is easy as Snap & go!
  •  Adjust the snaps on the front of your diaper cover to the size that fits.
  •  Snap in your preferred diaper insert
  • Put the diaper on your little babies cute bottom and you are done!
When it's time for a diaper change, just snap the insert out, snap in a clean one, put it
back on your little one, and voila! (Use a new cover when it has been soiled.)

Using both inserts together does make this a bulky diaper. But It does hold up well.

The one thing that I do dislike is the elastic in the front. Maybe it works for others, I just dont like the fit. It looks very uncomfortable. At least visually.

I love the double leg elastics! I was not sure at first if it would be necessary but I completely agree now that it is a great add on.

If you decide to purchase Buttons cloth diapers, you can get everything you need to diaper your baby for $240! If you decide to use disposable diapers, your total cost form birth to potty training can easily be $1,500- $2,000. That means you could save $1,760 by switching to cloth!

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