Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fruit of The Womb Wool Shorts review

We received the adorable Miss Kitty Wool Shorties to review from Fruit of The Womb Diapers. It definitely caught my eye! I'm loving the appliqued butt. It is completely unique. It makes the wool cover look complete. Not to mention professional.

This Mama Has some talent! Doesn't she?

Shorties are used as an outer cover for some types of cloth diapers. Most commonly, a flat, prefold or fitted diaper is used on the inside for absorbency, while the wool shorties are used as the outermost waterproof layer.

Wool shorties do a fabulous job of stopping leaks. Many families prefer wool shorties for heavy wetters or for night time diapers. The wool gets its absorbency from the lanolin. Which does require a little extra care during washing to maintain its unique breathable, waterproof properties. The wool also needs to be treated with lanolin to help it stop diaper leaks. Wool should only be handwashed and air dryed flat. It WILL shrink or and be small enough to fit a newborn if you try to dry it in the dryer. Also do not use a clothes line. Just lay it flat. It does take over a day to dry after being washed.

If you do not own any wool, now is the time to add some to your stash. If you are like me, and love fitteds you need a good cover. That is where wool comes in. As long as it isn't soiled, you can reuse wool for weeks without washing! Crazy right? That has to be my favorite part.
Wool can be expensive, so this definitely evens out that. You would only need 2 wool covers to get you through a day. Just air it out and your good to go. Let one dry while you use the other.

I love that these wool shorties have a soaker sewn in, for added absorbency. It definitely gives it an extra bang for your buck.

We also received a super soft bamboo flat to review. It is sop squishy. Since the flats challenge, I am obsessed with folding up diapers. This super absorbent bamboo french terry flat is the perfect addition to Wool.

Folding it is simple.

Fold it into thirds.
Open up the back to make wings.
Fold it over about an inch or so. Depending on the size of your little one.

Add baby, and pin or snappi in place.

Put on your wool shorts and you are good to go!


I'm just in love with the softness. I can't even say it enough. Bamboo fleece is so incredibly soft against the skin. Any of my other flats would be jealous of it.

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