Sunday, June 9, 2013

Le Petite Mon Ami clothing Review

We recently had the opportunity to work with LeFay from Le Petit Mon Ami. I just loved the options that she had. The clothing in her shop are not only cute, but really soft and light weight. Even a long sleeved shirt would be fine to wear in a warmer temperature. Perfect outfit for lounging at home or even for sleeping.

The out fit that we tried was an adorable long sleeve T Shirt with with a flower patch, and little blue pants.

We chose the 6-12 months, and it fits Aria well. She is about 17 lbs now and is 9 months old. She does have short legs, but that is isn't a problem. I can definitely see it fitting her another 2 months.
I'm loving the tag-less tee! 

If you do purchase, I do believe that if your 9 month old weighs 21 lbs you go up a size. 6-12 months will probably be too small. Aria is of average size, and with that said I would agree that the sizes are "true to size".

There was a minor flaw in our pants, but anything handmade isn't always perfect. So I am not holding it against her. I'm not going to lie though, I really think that all products should be looked at more closely before shipping. It is my job to tell you the good, and the bad. So there it is. A tiny flaw, and hole. Not a big issue. The tag is actually covering the hole, and bunched up thread. The effort was there.

Our shirt is perfect however! The stitching is well done. There is even a cute little tag in the back that says "le petite tee". So adorable. I love it.

The outfit works perfectly with her cloth diapers as well. A lot of pants we have to go up a size just to be able to get her fluff in them. So I am  happy that this was not an issue. It fits her snugly as it should.

I would definitely recommend any parent to buy from Le Petite Mon Ami. Check them out on etsy and on Facebook!

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  1. I love those blue pants! They look really comfortable and soft.


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