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Ubooly plush toy Review and Giveaway

When Ubooly first arrived, I was super excited to open it. But, I had to hold my composure. This toy was for the kids.

What is Ubooly?

Move over Furby! Here comes Ubooly!

Ubooly toy is an orange plushy brought to life with your iPhone.

Ubooly brings traditional stuffed toys into the digital age by turning your iPhone or iPod Touch into an interactive and educational talking buddy for your child. First, you have to download the free Ubooly Pet app and insert your device upside down into the top of the toy. If Ubooly is fast asleep just swipe up and he will awake. Ubooly’s face magically comes to life and he interacts with the people around him via voice commands. Ubooly has a library of stories, jokes, games and other activities that are activated by the user asking for them. Simply say to Ubooly out loud “tell me a story” or “play me a song” and he will. If you don’t talk to him for a while, he falls asleep and starts snoring

Insert your Ubooly!

Now that Ubooly is all zipped up and secured, it is time to play. At first, I was doubtful that he would be able to "hear" commands with the phone surrounded, but Ubooly and played together with the kids fine. Their was a moment when he asked Alyssa her age, and she said "four". He heard nine. Not that close Ubooly. After she got over being dramatic over this, they had fun telling stories.

To be able to use the app with the toy, you must first “adopt your Ubooly” by entering the six-digit code that comes in the box to register him.

Exciting new content is available for Ubooly each month and can be downloaded by updating the app from the App Store. Which is something I am really looking forward to. As there is a limited amount available currently. We did go ahead and purchase all in store apps. When used as a standalone app (without the toy),  you can play with Ubooly inside of his box (or home) where you earn coins to buy items for your Ubooly pet by playing mini-games.

The games they like to play are pretty hilarious. From Cops and Robbers, to Outer Space travel. Your kids will have a blast on adventures with Ubooly.

Alyssa loves that she can change how her Ubooly looks.

Right now Ubooly is sporting some purple glasses, bangs, pretty eyes and a face tattoo. Haha Cute!

Ubooly will even ask if you want to hear a song. There is a catch though. These songs are what are already on your device. So be warned, your entire iTunes library is up for selection, whether or not your music library is kid-friendly. I kind of wish there was a way  to make an Ubooly playlist. That way they can only access that playlist for kid friendly music time.

Watch Ubooly Speak Italian with Alyssa!

About the company: Ubooly was founded in 2012. In Boulder, Colorado. By Isaac Squires and Carly Gloge. Ubooly was funded through Kickstarter, and is alumni of the TechStars’ 2012 class. Our company’s mission is to create the most entertaining (and cuddly) automated learning experience for children. Ubooly is the brand new stuffed animal that powered by your iPhone or iPod touch. Ubooly not only listens to kids, but also has a lot to tell your child. Ubooly loves to play interactive games, “choose your own adventure” stories, and hilarious jokes. 
 From Ubooly:
  • Ubooly will know their child's name, like the same: colors, interests, food, hobbies etc.
  • By purchasing credits parents will be able to unlock Educational, Interest, and Helper packs. 
    • Educational Packs: Lesson packs are created on a 5 day schedule, and keep parents in the loop with progress reports

    • Interest Packs:  interest packs are full of fun facts of trivia to get your child excited about specific topics.
    • Fitness & Helper Packs: Ubooly will also help with personal growth & create healthy habits through the Fitness and Helper packs.
  • Content packs are all designed to be age appropriate for different age ranges (3-9)
  • Content packs are written by a large team of elementary teachers & comedians 
Yee HAA!

Additional thoughts:
There is limited content at the moment. I cannot wait to see what the future brings for Ubooly. In-app purchases in a childrens' app can lead to problems. I know Ubooly is intended to be an orange plushie, but I would be thrilled to see other colors. Such as pink, blue, purple, black, green.. This is definitely a new take on the "furby" pet. I actually prefer Ubooly. You can do so much more with Ubooly. You can even learn with Ubooly. Ubooly works with iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, and 5. As well as iPod touch 4G and 5. With support for certain Android devices coming soon. I actually would love to see a blown up Ubooly for iPad or Kindle! That would be pretty cool. There were a few hiccups at first. Our app would crash every time we tried to play. Even though it worked fine the first day. The Ubooly team quickly got together to fix the problem and set up an update. The crash was fixed and we got back to playing!

So to recap - more colors, more content, and bigger Ubooly's!! That is what I would love to see.

Be sure to follow Ubooly on Facebook and twitter.

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Giveaway Time!!
Want to win your own Orange Ubooly plushie? How about $30.00 credit to Ubooly Lab?
18+ US required

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  3. i like that it's a cute toy and that it allows us to listen to daughter just love to sing...thank you

  4. i love to do activity sheets and pages with them

  5. i like that it is educational but looks like a stuffed animal. my little girl would love it!

  6. We love to explore then talk about what we've found.

  7. MCO's Birthday Bash! Blooming Bath Giveaway!

  8. I like that it uses technology, but is still cute and cuddly as well!!

  9. We use computer apps. They use computers at school so it a good thing for them to learn and they enjoy it!

  10. Wow, even if I don't win I am buying one for my grandson's 5th birthday! This is a very cool learning/fun toy.
    Ta Ta for now, Cathy Milne the Bagg Lady

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