Monday, July 1, 2013

Creative ways to get your kids active - Guest Post

Creative ways to get your kids active

Our modern world provides a variety of ways for kids to be entertained, and most of them involve them being stationary. While these quick fixes can be a really enticing option to entertain your kids while you go about your business, it can be detrimental to their health and their relationship with you. Getting your kids involved in sports teams or clubs is a great idea, but what do you do if you don’t have a sporty child? It’s difficult to get kids involved in exercise activities when the aim is so obvious: fitness. The fact is, your kids aren’t that interested that exercise help their fitness level, all they want to know is if its fun! We have a few suggestions to engage the sporty kids, the tech kids and even the bookworm kids (although they are a rare breed these days). Use the holiday period to your advantage, with a bit of your help and guidance you can help foster a positive attitude towards exercise in your family, and by getting involved, you earn some valuable family time.

1. Hide exercise in games. Take a traditional game and add a new fitness level to it. For example, if you play Duck Duck Goose, ask them to do 5 star jumps before they run around the circle. If there’s a game your kids already enjoy, take it and adapt it!

2. Competition. Kids are usually very competitive. They love to win because winners usually get prizes, and they learn this at a very early age.  Children love to race one another, so take them for a walk to park and have little racing games. Who is the quickest runner? Or maybe they want to skip or balance something on their head? You could even incorporate a simple obstacle course to mix it up a bit. Use their competitive spirit to your advantage, they’ll be having fun without even realising what they’re doing!

3. Activity Centres. Put some time aside and take the kids out to an activity centre that provides a bunch of different play areas that incorporate all aspects of fitness. A great, new, fun way is going to a trampoline centre like BounceINC. The kids can go jump and bounce crazy in a safe environment that is perfect for a play date.

4. Dance! This is one of my favourites. As someone who loves to have a boogie, there is nothing that pleases me more than having a little dance with my kids, and it’s a great rainy day option. Find some cheap party lights (usually in cheap knick knack stores), close the blinds and turn the music up. It is such a great bonding activity and let’s your child know how much you enjoy spending time with them. Dancing is one of the best ways to hide exercise, just see how exhausted they are after you teach them how to go-go dance!

This has been a guest post written for So Sew Mama by Ivy Delfin.


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