Monday, July 1, 2013

For The Love of Crafts - Baby J and Co. Giveaway

Welcome to for the love of crafts! This week we are highlighting small business owners and wahms (work at home moms) of etsy and hyena cart. each day mommys craft obsession, princess among superheroes, so sew mama and a sensible momma will be bringing you at least two great giveaways!
Stay Tuned for some pretty awesome giveaways,  by some pretty amazing bloggers! We gathered several small business owners together to give you a week of giveaways! Yay.

what do you do when out and about with your little one? if you're like me you're armed with a blanket to put on the floor, in an attempt to keep your baby from ingesting more germs than necessary. the downside of that is when I'm done i would grab the blanket, roll it in a ball and stuff it in the diaper bag until we got home then transfer it to the wash. it wouldn't make much sense to reuse it because i had no idea which side had been on the floor, and which side had been baby side up. i travel a lot, so the blankets would pile up and add to our already intimidating wash pile. then i found baby j and company on etsy.

baby j and company makes baby friendly floor mats that are compact, and easily stored when not in use. the cotton pattern (snazzy multicolored mustaches for us) always goes toward the floor, leaving the soft baby friendly minky to face up. the raised dots on the minky even give baby texture stimulation while remaining soft enough to face plant in if they are of that age. when finished using, it is folded and rolled back up minky touching minky so the germs from the floor don't get on the side the baby was on. its easy to remember which side was touching the floor (mustaches down!) so you won't feel the need to wash it every time you pick it up!

sadly baby2.0 has forgotten how to sit still while we are inside. he must go, explore, investigate. being outside is half and half. he still needs to explore, but is more content sitting and playing with the breeze on his face. i keep our play mat in the car for park trips or impromptu picnics, so he has somewhere nice and clean to sit while playing. these are made beautifully, and this is definitely one of the baby props that I'm holding onto for when there is a 3.0 to use again!

you can buy a baby padded play mat from baby j and company on etsy, follow them on twitter and like them on facebook! enter to win a play mat in your choice of available design below and good luck!

 photo 1_zpsced33ea8.jpg


  1. blue, grey and yellow polka dot print!

  2. Hooty white with purple, gray and yellow owls

  3. I really like the Robert Kaufman brown with white circles. That is very cute.

  4. Rowan fabric, bright pink and ivory kumari garden pattern, plush ivory minky. I love the minky fabric it is always adorable in any color but I think this color combo is my fav!

  5. Itoo like the owls so so smart!


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