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For The Love of Crafts - Over The Moon Giveaway

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It's summer and if you like to go outdoors there are several items that are a necessity. Especially if you are a parent. I'm sure that I can speak for most, we need to carry sun and bug protection. It all depends on where you live, but you can't be too safe when it comes to little ones. Which is why I was excited when Nicole from Over The Moon asked if she could work with me. 

Nicole started her business when she learned that some common household cleaners are carcinogenic. Which is something that I do know. We do try our best to buy the most natural products. Lysol was her big turning point. She wanted to be sure her new bundle of joy didn't inhale any harmful fumes from these cleaners. Nicole quickly learned the art of being natural, and making her own products. Including diaper rash cream. She now makes numerous products, including household cleaners, lotions, deodorant, baby supplies, and hopefully to come, toothpaste! 

With that being said, Nicole sent us her "For the Summer Squish" set to review. 

Included in the Summer Squish set you will find the following.. RV $46.50

  • Owie Ointment
  • Mama Butter
  • Baby Moon Oil
  • Mosquito Mix
  • Sun Bar Bans Bugs
  • Lip Balm
I took this set with us on vacation to New Hampshire. We were up in the White Mountains, and there were bugs everywhere! Our windshield looks disgusting. Luckily, we came home bug bite free!! Thanks to the deliciously smelling Sun Bar bans Bugs! So happy about that. 

Sun Bar Bans Bugs

Am I the only one who enjoys the sweet smell of citronella? Well this bar definitely has it and more. You will find a great mixture of essential oils in this sun bar. Including Citronella Java, Lemongrass, Grapefruit, and Eucalyptus. Not only will you be protected by the sun with this SPF 30 equivalent bar, you will smell delicious while warding off nasty bugs. It's a huge win win for everyone. 

Mosquito Mix

Even though we had no bug bites from our short trip to NH, I have been suffering with several mosquito bites for a week now. Ugh. I must have been bitten dozens of times. I try to not itch, but it's not fun. This mix has been such a savior to me. Just a little dab and the itch is gone. Baby Aria had a bug bite as well. Obviously, it bugs her. SO I add a dab at every diaper change. It is on her foot, but this makes me remember more easily. Poor baby. The humidity lately has been awful. Thank you for helping us out Nicole! The ingredients include Organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, White Camphor essential oil, and Tea Tree Oil. This amazing combination with definitely assist in curing those nasty itches.

Lip Balm

This lip balm is in an adorable tin sliding case, which makes it easily accessable and the case reusable. Great for you, great for the environment. It is a great companion for labor and delivery, as well as every day. The flavor is very mild. There isn't much of a scent. But it does an amazing job at keeping lips smooth. 

Baby Moon Oil
It's no secret that baby massage can be a calming and bonding experience for both mom and baby. A great baby oil is key to achieving this. The smell is fantastic, and it will absorb right into the skin. It's great for reflux, and baby sniffles. Help keep those little colds from making you all suffer. Among this amazing treatment is Peppermint, Oregano, and Rosemary. 

Owie Ointment
This is one of those great solid ointments that can be used for several purposes. Including diaper rash, burns, cuts and scrapes. The Lavender is a great touch to an already great product. I can't say for sure if it is safe for cloth diapers, but I have used it and with great results.

Mama Butter
The Mama Butter that Nicole makes is lanolin and dairy free! Something that you do not see everyday. I'm not sure if it is the heat, but I do love the smoothness of this mixture. Whether you are a breastfeeding mom, or not, you can use this. The simple ingredients are safe for baby, no need to rinse. Use this on your scars and stretchmarks. The Vitamin E oil, is also great for hiding those mama battlescars. I have had 3 c sections, and I'm hoping to have it fade one day.

Now that you had the opportunity to take a glimpse at some the awesome products available at Over The Moon, head over there for a visit. 

One lucky reader will have the great opportunity of winning this same Summer Squish pack from Over The Moon! You must be over 18 and live within the US to enter and win. 

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