Friday, August 9, 2013

The ZAZOO Photo Clock

I received the following product free for review. All opinions are my own.

Alright, I hear all these stories of kids staying in bed until 9 or later. (younger kids meaning) I am going to call it, bs. :-)
My kids I guess, have done this once in a blue moon. But on a normal day, when pigs don't fly, they wake up at 5:00 am. Of course the baby wakes earlier to nurse. But that is fine. What I seriously hate is being yelled at by my 4 and 5 year old to wake up before the sun is out. Or, to them yelling at each other so early. I think that may be worse.
So I found this picture. It explains one of the many reasons children may wake up. :-) lol

Am I a bad parent for wanting some sleep? I don't think so. Especially since I can never fall asleep before 11-12 at night. Don't know why. It could be because Aria would wake up to nurse around 10-11 pm to nurse most nights. But in any case, I just want them to learn when to sleep and went it is time to wake up.

I don’t think anyone was more excited to set up the ZAZOO Photo Clock than I was. I mean seriously? They were pretty darn excited. But trust me. I was jumping for joy in my mind over this thing. Hoping and praying it would help at least my oldest.

How does it work?

First you should make sure your time is right. Ours was off by an hour.
Than you go to the settings screen and carry on to pick the "wake up time" for your child, and of course the "bed time".

Since this clock will be in my older daughters room, and she is learning to read, I wanted to use the words.

The daytime picture is a cute sun with Dd for daytime. As well as the Nn for night time, with a little sun image. You can choose from several other pictures as well.

I also wanted to choose a cute little song for her to wake up to. Alyssa seriously loves the song too. Even when she is up before it. She wants to hear it every morning.

Sure, she gets it. But will she learn to follow by it? Hopefully, because school starts in 2 weeks! I seriously need the sleep just as much as her!

The ZAZOO Kids Photo Clock has cool additional features. It can also be used as a digital photo frame. Where you can use your computer or memory stick to upload even more images. I plan to do this soon for her. Because I know she would really love that. This is also a great tool for babies to get to remember faces. Their auntie moved to Indiana recently. Which is a 13 hour drive. So we wont get to see her very much for a long time. There is Skype of course! But pictures are great too. It helps with the transition.

This Photo Clock comes with many images and songs that you can use for your kids. You can even upload your own music! My daughter enjoys this, because she can listen to "Kiss The Girl" over and over again.

It is a durable photo frame, that I can already tell will last them for years. I kind of wish that the "theme" would be interchangeable. Like different skins you can put on and take off. Not only would it make the clock last even for teens, but it would be pretty fun too!

Buy it now! 

If you are like me, and use creams and concealer to hide those dark circles under your eyes. Rest assured that this clock will definitely help teach your child when it is bed time and wake up time. Is it a magic fix? No, of course not! Every child is different. They wake up for a variety of reasons. But it is also important for them to learn proper sleep patterns for every day life. Nobody wants to live with a sleep deprived toddler or preschooler. Trust me, I do. It is not fun. The ZAZOO Photo Clock is available in five different patterns for $89.99. We love that you can personalize the ZAZOO by downloading a good morning or good night alarm with your child’s name. There are even holiday greetings.


I received a free product in exchange for my honest review. This does not affect my opinion on the product. All views are my own. 


  1. This is very cool! I don't have kids waking me up, but this is a perfect idea for people with young's about time!! (no pun intended! LOL)

  2. I was raising my grandson and he goes to sleep around 9:00pm and wakes up around 9:00 - 10:00 ...he has to have at least 12 hours or he becomes grouchy ...Love this though!!

  3. These are the coolest things i have seen

  4. Absolutely loving this...(On the Christmas list it goes:)

  5. This is super cool. I may start picking this up for gifts.

  6. I think this is a cool clock but it wouldn't last a day in my house, my son would make it have an unfortunate accident...

    Kimberley Meier
    momof3chaos at gmail dot com

  7. I would love to have a clock like this for my son. He loves his Spongebob clock but these seem timeless with design and would grow with him :)

  8. What a wonderful and creative idea.

  9. This clock looks very useful. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!


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