Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Curious George Town iPhone app review and Giveaway too!

This is a sponsored review. Regardless, all views are my own.

Can you believe that the summer is over already? Where did that time go? I actually feel like I was robbed of it. Seriously there were more cold, gloomy, rainy days than anything here. We had just about 2 weeks of super hot weather and then weather in the 70s and 60s. It is Okay weather, but not good enough to go swimming in. 

As a parent I am always trying to find ways to keep my kids occupied, especially on rainy days, or during quiet time. Some days I seriously love my iPhone for that reason! These children are smart. I do not think I would be able to use these apps when I was there age. It is like a second nature to them. They just "know". 

That is why I was super happy when I received a letter asking for us to review the Curious George's Town app. Oh, I know you all know Curious George! He has hit it big in the techie world!  This app seriously rocks. They found it easy to use. So easy that my 4 and 5 year old fight over it. Yeah, not cool, but they are kids, and they share everything anyway.

Other than just being amazing easy to use, it can be quite educational as well. 

I have downloaded other apps that had a similar "town" concept. But they were a bit too difficult for my pre-schoolers to use. It takes the fun out of it. 

Your child will really enjoy building their own town from the ground up! 

This wonderful app encourages good behavior and promotes saving by encouraging children to delay spending (deferred gratification) in order to accomplish a goal (create a town). When children defer gratification, they learn to plan activities, set goals, and make strategic choices.
Parents can use a reward chart to set tasks for their child and help them earn more coins to purchase items in the Town Store. Children can also earn coins independently by playing a series of fun mini games.  
  • Games that feature real-world activities such as collecting items at the Grocery Store, baking cakes at the Bakery, and cleaning and recycling at the Park.  
  • A beautifully illustrated town view where the child can use the coins earned to buy exciting items, such as a fire station, roller coaster, farm animals, and even dinosaurs
  • Humorous, engaging narration from The Man With The Yellow Hat.
  • Parents' section with a customizable reward chart for setting tasks or chores. 
Your child can visit the store to purchase items to help create their very own town! It is an enojyable time for all. Even I had fun helping out!

The learning capabilities are amazing! I love that they add in education with fun!

The Curious George Town app also teaches your child to be eco-friendly and to recycle! It all starts when they are young, so this is incredible.

Alyssa enjoyed feeding the animals in the pet store!

Children and adults can enjoy Curious George's Town for iPad ® and iPhone ®! The cost is $3.99, but I believe given that it has many great features it is worth it! Plus  it is Curious George we are talking about here!


One Lucky Reader will receive an amazing Curious George Prize pack including:
The app FREE
Curious George Builds A Home 
 Curious George Travel Activity Kit containing: A classic book, 3 stories on CD, an activity book, a card game, stickers and double-sided crayons. 
WW 18+
Winner will be contacted via email.

I received the above mentioned app free for review. Regardless, all views are my own. I only recommend products I would use.


  1. My favorite after all these years is still Winnie the Pooh. But my niece is a HUGE Curious George fan!


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