Thursday, September 12, 2013

The greatest gift; being a Mommy!

I wanted to take some time to reflect on mommyhood for a bit. I hope that you don't mind. :-)
My first ever pregnancy was horrible. I did not get the "glow". I gained weight everywhere, and I was only 110 lbs pre-pregnancy. Not anymore, not. even. close. My hormones were terrible! I couldn't handle it. I really thought I just was not built for pregnancy because it was turning me into a monster with a capital B. I was young too, so maybe that played a role. To the man that put up with the B I was - I love you to death. But you should have been a little more nice. Maybe. I don't know. I was horrible to deal with, so I understand things that were said were not meant, or done for that matter. Nonetheless, even the that pregnancy for Alyssa was a horrible experience she was worth it. Maybe I will share more in depth about it and my even worse labor.. yeah, it was way worse. We breastfed until my milk dried up. I was heartbroken, but I was 7 months pregnant.

My second pregnancy was easy. No symptoms at all. I just woke up and knew I was pregnant. Seriously.
I had to have a repeat C Section. Breastfeeding was perfect. Until I went back to work. I just could not find time to pump in the job I had. If you know what a CNA is, you understand. It was sad for me, because I didn't want to stop. I could see myself still breastfeeding him now and he will be 4 in November. I still feel like I failed him. But we made it a year.



My little butterball was not an easy pregnancy. I didn't gain but 6 lbs. I was extremely sick almost the entire time. I was also in school. I failed. It just was that bad. I ran out of class to vomit constantly. It was Anatomy class in my defense. I had a C Section, that was super easy. I was up out of bed that night. Breastfeeding was easy as eating and breathing.

All of my babies are my reason for being. They are the air I breath. I would do anything to protect them. They are growing so fast!

Aria will be 1 in a couple weeks. That is a year of being in this world. A year of receiving nourishment from me. A year of people asking who she looks like. Seriously, she looks like her self, just stop. Just a year of being who she is. She is totally different than her siblings in so many ways. She is cruising and crawling like a pro. I can tell that it wont be long before the is walking all on her own. It is sad in a way. But I am loving every moment that I get with all of them. I cannot wait to see what their futures hold.

To my precious almost 1, almost 4, and almost 5 year old babies; I love you with all my heart, and all I have to give. You are the loves of my life.

My youngest just turned ONE this week! My babies are growing up so fast!


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