Monday, October 21, 2013

How to add Pockets. A Tutorial

How to add a pocket, or two!

I love personalizing the outfits that I sew. It gives a garment a one of a kind, custom look! The look is always unique to you. Especially when sewing from a set pattern. I have used several PDF patterns, and love them. They are so easy to follow. I have tried paper patterns, and it isn't always rainbows and sunshine! I'm sure you know what I mean. Recently, I posted about the Summer Dress pattern. The pockets that I added are not included in the pattern currently, so I wanted to share how I did it. (not available yet)

It's truly the little things that count. 

They are adorable, and your little one will love them! (Or you, for that matter.) While making the Tunic length for Alyssa, I chose to spice it up with two side pockets. I did a pocket on either side of the top before adding the bottom ruffle. It is amazing quick, and easy to make your own pocket, without a pattern!

First, lets think about the size of your pockets. Use the questions below to assist yourself.
  • Do you want them perfectly square, or rectangle in shape?
  • Large, or small pockets?
  • With bias tape, trim, or just hemmed?
  • Rounded off? (you can do this with a cup, or bowl easily.
My pockets are 6" x 5".

Okay, time to get started. 
My dress/tunic before adding the pocket and ruffle.

For this tutorial you will need:

  • The garment, sewn, without the bottom being hemmed. (or the ruffle added, like my pattern)
  • Scraps of your main fabric, or in a coordinating print. Amount depends on size but, a fat quarter should be plenty.
  • Thread. (obviously)
  • Bias binding. (store bought, or hand made) optional
  • Iron
  • Fray Check. optional
Step one:
Cut two fabric pieces in the length x width that you prefer. 
My pockets are both 6x5 inches.

Step two:
Cut and/or make you binding for your pockets. You will want the binding to be as long, or longer than your cut pocket pieces.

Step three:
Sew on your binding to the top of your pocket only! Or, if you choose to not bind or add trim you can easily hem the top of your pocket.

Step four:
You will use your iron and ironing board for this step. 

Fold over each side of your pocket 1/4 inch. Press/iron in place. I start with the bottom and continue on both sides. DO NOT do this to the top if your binding is complete.

Sorry about the pictures. My ironing board has been used quite a bit. 

Add fray check, if you want to keep it from fraying on the inside.

Step five:
Pin your pocket to your garment. Make sure that your side seam and bottom match up with your pocket. 

Like so.

Step six:
Sew close to the side of your pockets. Down the three sides. Keeping the top of your pocket open.

Repeat with your other pocket.

Step seven:
Finish off your garment with your hem or ruffle. I followed my pattern instructions to adding the ruffle. 

Viola! It's Complete!

Do you like adding pockets? Did this tutorial make sense at all? I hope that you enjoy creating many amazing pockets.

Pattern used is Summer by LittleKiwis Closet. Check out LittleKiwis Closet on Craftsy! (affiliate link)
The Briar Dress and the Tilly Dress patterns are now available for purchase! You can check out the reviews and buy them now!


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