Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Looking Gorgeous in the Tilly Dress!

Alyssa has been asking for a pink dress for a while now. It seems as though she never likes what I make for her. Which is why it was such a surprise that this dress, that took me less than 2 hours total to complete would be such a huge hit with her.

What I love about it is how easily it all comes together. Especially if you own a ruffler foot. Oh man do I love that thing. It gives glorious ruffles in minutes! She loved the "monster high" fabric that I had been hoarding. It was difficult to match with anything. But I think we pulled it off. Also, the top is bamboo interlock. She liked how soft it was. 

I also had them paint their pumpkin. Sure, you can't tell but hers is pink! What a shocker huh?

Alyssa was actually telling her daddy we were "over here". haha

The width of the arm holes is perfect for kids at play. The Tilly Dress also allows for sleeves to be added onto it. But you can easily layer this outfit with pants and a turtleneck. 

So yeah, That is what I finished making this week. The Tilly Dress is by LittleKiwis Closet. Such a cute and easy pattern! If you want to check out the other pattern I made this past week by LittleKiwis Closet, you can check out the Briar Dress here. Modeled by my other pumpkin. 

What have you made this week?
Oh, and she asked if it could be her birthday dress. Can't believe it's that time already Another year on October 17th!

You can purchase the pdf pattern on Craftsy now! (affiliate) 

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