Monday, February 10, 2014

Skinny Jane 8 Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. 

Weight loss is something that I have struggled with since having my first child. I was 110 lbs pre-pregnancy, and was 183 lbs at delivery. Yup, I gained around 73 lbs in ONE pregnancy. I ate pretty well too, and walked a bit.  Before you say anything about how much I used to weigh, I am only 5 feet tall! Was I the most active of pregnant ladies? No I wasn't but I tried to be pretty healthy. The weight packed on fast. It was only during labor that they realized I had pre-eclampsia. My doctor says it is possible it was there the entire time and could have contributed to that weight gain. But they never could know. In any case, I was left with this enormous amount of weight, on such a tiny stature.

Getting pregnant 3 months later, was also not a smart idea. Especially after a traumatic C-section. But it happened. I lost weight, and gained it all back. I was once again 183 lbs at delivery. Do not ask how that is possible. I have no clue why my body loved that number. One thing I learned after having my son was I do not lose weight while breastfeeding. I mean, just a little bit. I tried, I failed, I gave up and tried again The cycle is endless with me.

I had a third child. She is 17 months old. I only gained 7 lbs with her pregnancy. She was 7.6lbs at birth. The funniest part is I was 180 lbs at delivery.

Skinny Jane 8 sent me a 7 day weight loss kit to review. Seven days isn't much to go on. But I gave it a shot. Hoping for results, secretly thinking that there is no way I would see any results in 7 days to report to you.
There is a strict diet plan that goes with the 7 day cleanse. Which I am okay with since I only eat once or twice a day.

The favors include, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana. They also sent me their "Burn" and "Cleanse" pills.
  • Skinny Blend is the best-tasting weight loss shake on the market! It has a special blend of 7 proteins that will curb your appetite for up to 4 hours and energize you. One serving has just 100 calories, only 1 gram of sugar, 3 grams of fiber and 12 grams of protein. Skinny Blend will boost your protein intake so you keep your metabolism high while you are losing weight. You will love the Skinny Blend Shakes!
  • Skinny Burn is a great weight loss and fat burning supplement. It has 9 ingredients that work  to help speed up your metabolism, boost your energy, and control your appetite. It contains Raspberry Ketones that have been proven to be very effective in burning body fat along with other ingredients that speed up your metabolism and curb your appetite.
  • Skinny Cleanse is a great weight loss aid because it will cleanse your body by removing toxins and impurities from your system. In turn, your body will be a much better fat burning machine. This is a gentle cleanse that is very safe and does not cause any stomach discomfort.
My goal: 3-5 lbs
My Weight Starting: 176 lbs
My weight loss: I lost 5 lbs!
Final weight: 171.2 lbs

Muscle weighs more than fat. I have to keep telling myself that. That is the reason I give in and eat cake. It isn't a smart thing, but it makes me feel better. The 8 week plan would be best for optimal results!

This weight loss program made me realize I do not eat enough, I do not drink enough and that is what attributes to me non existent weight loss. The shakes do take pretty good. Better than some of the others that I have tried. There isn't much of a variation to the diet. I think that if they included a 7 day diet plan with slight changes, it would be better for most people. I also have a slight intolerance to dairy. Luckily, just one shake a day isn't a huge deal. Just minor bloating. I'm not a fan of soy milk and I am allergic to coconuts and almonds, so milk it is! 

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  1. Eat smaller portions and lots of fruit and vegetables.

  2. Cut down on sweets, eat smaller portions, less carbohydrates and more fruits and vegetables. :)

  3. just drink plenty of water :) @tisonlyme143 thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway

  4. Drink lots of water and vegetables at every meal, if possible.

  5. eat small meals thoughout the day

  6. To drink water- and a lot of it! That is the one thing I do well. Have had nothing but water for years! Alternate email

  7. To eat pleanty of small meals during the day

  8. Don't expect the weight to go away right away, you have to work for what you want!


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