Sunday, April 20, 2014

RECARO Performance RIDE Car Seat Review

I received the following product from RECARO to share my opinion. 

Being a parent, I am sure you can all agree that finding the right car seat for your needs can be a hassle. It's truly not as easy as it sounds. I'm a mom of three and all of my children use a car seat of some kind. My youngest needed an upgrade and that's why I turned to RECARO. I had heard such wonderful things about their line that I want to give it a try for myself. It's not a brand I was well aware of when I chose it, but wow am I thrilled. I am in love with the Performance Ride car seat! The fact that it is convertible is awesome. We can use it for years to come with our youngest. She is rear facing still, and will continue to be as long as possible.

It just looks so comfortable. Baby girl loved it too. she just had to hop right in. I tried to make sure that everything was accurate for pictures.

Her old car seat was old, and nearing it's expiration date. Not something I am proud of. But it's true. A car seat is one of the most important purchases that you will make for your baby. Whether it's their first one, or their last.

The RECARO Performance RIDE is such an incredible car seat packed full of neat features. Some that I had no clue that I need. The Performance RIDE is a convertible car seat meaning it works rear facing and front facing, and fits your child from birth (or 5 lbs) up to 65 lbs. Rear Facing from 5-40 lbs. Forward facing is 20-65 lbs.

Okay, so I have this awesome car seat, now what? It did so much more than what ones we have used. So I had to read through the manual over and over and look the seat over. It was a fairly easy to do though. Don't be intimidated. Shh I was. There are knobs at the top that you turn to adjust the straps to the perfect height for your child. What a great feature! Just adjust as your child grows!!  You can also adjust the buckle straps but just pushing the button near the bottom.

The QuickPull adjuster is fairly simple. Just strap your child in place correctly and pull to get the perfect fit. The QuickPull adjuster pulls the seat belt with ease, unlike the other convertible I have.

The latch clips are my favorite part though! I have always had issues with the odd claws on the other seats. I'm so glad they figured out another way. Now it's just like using a seat belt. No hassle at all. The latch clips have their own storage, no clips hanging down if you don’t use latch. I can easily move the seat between my "04" Mountaineer to my  "10" Impala with ease. YAY!  What is more, we can fit all THREE seats in both our cars! Our other seats are other brands.

The seat is rather heavy, and it's not the best for moving out of the vehicle. I leave it in the car at all times.
You can tilt the seat up for forward facing and lean it back for rear facing to help get a better   angle for baby. This makes for a more comfortable ride, and for a better positioned infant!

I'm with RECARO for life now! I will never go back to other brands. It's a sure fire winner. I can trust that this seat will fit her for years. I can even adjust it for my 5 and 4 year old. Since they are both well under the weight limits. I do believe that this car seat will fit most cars with multiple car seats. I do not have smaller cars, but I do have two different sized vehicles and three seats in each at any given time.

When buying a seat it is important to read reviews and to find out how well each will fit with your vehicle. Not only the safety features.  With that said, this car seat is awesome and you really cannot go wrong with this purchase. For more news and safety information, please visit their website.

Thank you to RECARO for allowing us to review the Performance RIDE car seat. Check out this article.


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