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Saturday, February 9, 2013

2 plus feet of snow - Blizzard 2013

Winter Storm Nemo

As of 9 am, there is a full parking ban in the city of Woonsocket RI. 

Did you get any snow? How much?

Snow isn't a new thing for us, yet our city was unprepared. We live in Woonsocket Rhode Island, and most of our Plows are out of commission. They are having issues with their equipment, and are looking for other plow contractors to come help dig us out. There are many private contractors in the city, but I'm unsure if they are going to help. Thankfully there were no mass power outages, and we braved the storm well. Our main streets have barely been plowed, which can be disastrous for people who need medical attention. Surrounding highways have traffic restrictions. 

From what I hear it is going to take several days for our streets to be cleared. 
This situation could have been prevented. The city should have had a back up plan, yet here we are. Hopefully nobody needs emergency medical attention. It isn't our first blizzard. Steps should be taken. 
Nonetheless, I am so thankful that we have power and heat. 

Any interested parties should contact: Woonsocket DPW at 401-767-8883
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