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Thursday, December 20, 2012

My child is scared of Santa!

Yesterday I wanted to take my three kids to see Santa at the mall. Well, that did not happen.
When we got there santa was right there sitting in his rather large throne. Lit up Christmas trees all around, and pillows of fake snow. This did not go over well with my children and the hurried off in the other direction.

I figured that if I let them calm down that maybe they will change their mind. We walked around for a bit and went to the play area. I love this mall. Their were a few kids their age, so they had a lot of fun. Baby girl was fast asleep in my baby wrap .
When we went back to Santa they still wanted no part in it. I had them watch the other kids, but no luck.

Maybe next year I guess. Can't say that we didn't give it our all.