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Friday, January 4, 2013

15 Baby Products You Can Live Without

There are so many baby products out there, and I can see how some moms get caught up in the hype of them. Honestly moms what products did you find had absolutely no use, or little use? 

So there may be some of these silly products that can be used, but I doubt they will be used longer then a few weeks. 

Personally I would rather receive items that give me more bang for my buck. All of the big baby items like crib, bassinet, boppy pillow, pack 'n' play etc. have been reused from my oldest child. No need to keep buying those things, unless you sell them or they are damaged. Although, if I had the money I would buy one of those co-sleeper beds. We co-sleep with baby girl and I love it. However, there are times I like to just put her in the bassinet by the bed so I can stretch out. 

Alright, so I have come up with this list of seriously silly, completely ridiculous, and downright not needed baby items to cross of your baby registry. 

If I missed anything let me know? What did you find you didn't need?

Top 15 Baby Items you DO NOT need

1. Baby Wipe Warmer- Seriously, this product is not needed. The world isn't perfect, and this is teaching your child the opposite. Sometimes you butt will get cold. Hold the wipe in your hand a few second. There you go, I just saved you $20.00. Life isn't perfect, so don't sugar coat it.

2. Bottle Warmer- I never used bottles, but if I had I would never use a bottle warmer. It is a silly expense. This is just as silly as a wipe warmer for similar reasons. Just skip it. They even make wipe warmer/bottle warmer combos now.

3. Changing Table- Confession time. I do own one. I probably used it a handful of times, and currently it is serving another purpose in our laundry room. The thing is it was made for us, not bought. It is a desk, re-purposed. If you think you will use it, then go for it. It is really unnecessary though.

4. Pee-Pee Teepee- 
Being that I am a mother of a boy and two girls, listen to me, you will get pee'd on by both. If you want to avoid those love piddles then just but a cloth over it. It is a cone you put over the penis to protect against pee getting into your face. A diaper change takes a few seconds, deal with it.

5. "Thudguard" Helmet-
The name says it all. This is just silly, kids stumble.

6. Swimming Neck Ring-
 Does this even sound safe? This product gives me nightmares. Its essentially a pool float you put around your babies neck. 

7. Her First Heels-
 As cute as you may think these are they come with a hefty price tag. 

8. The Babykeeper-
This thing looks dangerous, but that is not the reason I wouldn't own one. Having a child means you lose you free hands. If you can't have another adult hold your child then don't use a public restroom. Baby loves to be in your arms. 

9. Baby Perfume- Are you kidding me? They have this stuff on the market? Personally, I do not wear perfume while my kids are babies. They have eczema so I find it to irritate their delicate skin. This product at $35.00 a bottle is just not worth it. 

10. Baby Bathrobe-
You probably will never use these. I have some with tags still from my first child. 

11. The Peekaru-
I seriously laughed out loud when I saw this. It's a product for moms who baby wear. There is a little whole for you baby to peak out of. Essentially it is a snuggie for mom and baby. No, just no. 

12. Glider- You probably wont use this. I find my couch to be the best place to nurse, or in bed.

13. Bumbo seats- Never owned one, and I never will. Hold your baby in your lap, that is where they want to be after all. 

14. Baby Powder-  I think it's common knowledge that inhalation of talc baby powder can cause very serious breathing problems and even death. Talc is closely related to the potent carcinogen asbestos. Talc particles have been shown to cause tumors in the ovaries and lungs of cancer victims. If you've got it, toss it. Cornstarch-based powders are just as effective and much safer. And so many moms don't even use powder in any form, so it's not even necessary.

15. Bottle propping devices-
As I said before I never used bottles but I still find this to be ridiculous. Are you that busy to not hold your baby? That is just crazy. Your baby wants to be in your arms. If they cant hold the bottle themselves then you need to hold it for them. This is one of those products that gets under my skin. Same as when i see babies who can hold their bottles being put in the crib with them. Please do not do this. Both of these things are dangerous. 

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