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Monday, February 11, 2013

TruKid Bubbly Baby Wash & Sweet Baby Lotion Review

All three of my children suffer with different degrees of eczema. They have sadly had this condition since birth. It's a genetic condition in my family and not much that can be done. Certain steps need to be taken to insure proper care of all of my children's needs. I hate using the steroid cream that we receive from the doctor, but sometimes it is necessary. There are so many different ways to treat eczema, but not many washed and lotions that help keep their flare ups away.

I found this great company that makes eco-friendly products for children. TruKid is a California based company, which focuses on healthy clean products for children. Jennifer, is the founder of TruKid and is a mother of six children! She definitely understands the needs of their sensitive skin.  

TruKid is free of many harmful chemicals, which are found in other baby washes and lotions. Check out their Toxic Bad Guys list. This list shows many of the ingredients found in the majority of skin care products that have been reported to have detrimental effects on the planet and human health.  

Toxic Bad Guys: 10 Most UNWANTED Ingredients:

  1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (Found in 90% of products that lather)
  2. Petroleum (cold creams, lipsticks, baby creams, etc.)
  3. Phthalates (listed under fragrance) - Can be found in plastics, nail polishes, creams, lotions (anything containing fragrance/parfum ingredient)
  4. Avobenzene (aka: oxybenzone, benzophone, dioxybenzophone or benzophenome-3; and Parsol-1789) Can be found in chemical sunscreens as UVA absorber
  5. Triethanolamine (EDTA) Found in shampoos, toothpastes, sunscreens, hair color and moisturizers
  6. Parabens - Found in 75-90% of personal care products
  7. Diethanolamine (DEA) - Found in creams, shampoos, lotions and other cosmetics
  8. Propylene Glycol (PG) - Can be found in cake mixes, soft drinks, lotions, creams, baby wipes, shampoos, deodorants and other cosmetics
  9. Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) - Can be found in most skin cleansers, toothpastes and oven cleaners.
  10. Formaldehyde Derivatives - (DMDH Hydantoin, Imidazolidinyl Urea) - Can be found in shampoos and cosmetics to prevent molds, mildews and bacteria spoilage.

My Experience with their sweet baby lotion, and Bubbly baby body & hair wash was amazingly refreshing. The scent was an unexpected, yet delightful citrus. Unlike some natural products the Bubbly baby hair & body wash did indeed "bubble". I used the Sweet Baby Lotion and Bubbly Baby Body and Hair Wash for all three of my children. My four year old claimed it smelled like peaches. Which, I do have to agree. The Bubbly baby Body wash had more of a peach scent. While the Sweet Baby Lotion smelled of oranges. All three of them had great results using these products. They smelled amazing! What's more, they didn't have any bad reactions to it! I love the all natural ingredients. This is now my go-to body wash and lotion for my children. I'm looking forward to trying out more of their products in the future. 

TruKid also developed a great learning system for young children. They use child friendly words in their product line. Which are usually found in kids' everyday learning vocabulary. The TruKid learning System  features symbols on their bottles which makes it easy for kids to identify what part of the body the product is for. This is definitely a plus in my book. Such a great learning tool for young children.

Their bottles are cheerful and bright. I can't get over the colors! This is such a unique product! My kids loved the bright colors. TruKid uses color coded bottles to make it easier for children to understand. Blue for cleansing, green for nourishing and orange for sun protection. 

You can also find many printables on TruKid. It is really a lot of fun. I encourage you to go and see for yourself. Then, come back here and tell me what your favorite product is. 

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TruKid has graciously given me a coupon code to share with all of my followers. You will get a FREE Sunny Days SPF 30+ with all orders over $30. Use Coupon code sunnymom. One use per person.

*I received no monetary compensation for this post. TruKid has given the products listed above for my honest opinion. All views are 100% my own. 

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