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Monday, January 21, 2013

What my spouse loves most about me

Have you ever asked your spouse what they love about you?
I'm not sure the topic has ever come up. It doesn't seem like something that is needed. But I'm also different from you. 

I think he loves how much alike we are. It's as though we are the same person sometimes.
Also, I'm not sure many women would be able to deal with him the way I can.

What do you think your spouse loves about you?

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Describe when you knew your spouse was the one or how I fell in love

Post 15 in my 30 things series

Mike is the best man out there. No man can compare to him. He is compassionite and unerstanding. He believes in me and everything that I want. We are bestfriends and always have been.

We met when we were kids, I was about to turn 16. It was young love, puppy love some would say. For us this wasn't true. As you can see we have three amazing children and a home together years later. 

It was by chance that we met. Honestly, I have been known to call it fate. It  should not have happened but it did.

My friend and I were going to visit another friend who lived up the street. How I managed to not knock on the right door is beyond me. I knew where that friend lived, yet I knowck on the door beside it. There he was, 6 feet something with a goatee and just that italian look about him. That was the beginning of my fairy take. Should I have went back to knock again after? Probably not. But I did, accompanied by my best fried whom egged on the situation. Love that girl. 
He smiled at me and my heart sank. My mom met him that very day. At least I had her meet him. If anything else, she knew I just met a complete stranger. But that is how all friendships start.

We barely spent a day apart after that. Of course, there were plenty of bumps along the way. Young love isn't supposed to last after all. We are both strong and didn't want to give up. So here we are today. Some bruises but we made it. 

It's not your average story, but it is ours. As different as it may be, I love it. 
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