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Saturday, February 23, 2013

What's an Ad swap? Link Up

In my blog hopping, I came across this great idea. Ad Swapping! 

You are probably thinking to yourself, "that doesn't sound healthy". 
Ok, maybe not.

It is real simple. You promote my blog and I promote your blog, page, website.. Etc. You catch  my drift.

I also do have options for paid ad space if swapping isn't your thing. But really, who wouldn't want FREE ad space?

I came up with this great idea, a monthly ad swap link up! I'm hoping it is a great success. I also have a Show and Tell Sunday Link up that I do twice a month. So look out for that too.

The swap will be good for ONE entire month. 

Make sure the blog and or product fits your blog niche, before accepting any paid or free blog ad.
This link up will be open for 2 weeks and posted once a month.

Tweet this.

Link up your AD page or post. 
Only ONE link per person.
Feel free to promote this link up.

One blog will be featured each month in the link ups!
Co-Host spots available.
I am open to suggestions as well.
Contact me at dmtatro @   

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