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Friday, January 11, 2013

Describe 10 Pet Peeves you have

Next on the to do list- list 10 pet peeves. Hmm, there may be a lot more then 10 but I will narrow it down.

1. People using silly words for a pregnant mother, e.i "preggo". Something about that irritates me.

2. Drivers who do not use their turn signal. 

3. Drivers who do not turn right on red, when it is permitted.

4. People looking over my shoulder when I am reading. 

5. When people do not have the common courtesy to call before stopping by.

6. People who use the word Irregardless in the wrong way. 

7.  People who consider their dog their child. Not even close. If that dog attacks your child I highly doubt it will get just a time out. 

8. The noise of something scratching metal, chalk boards and glass.

9. Empty boxes in the pantry.

10. The people who baby talk with the dog they consider their child.

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