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Sunday, February 3, 2013

What popular notion do you think the world has wrong?

One of the biggest things that I believe most people have wrong is that they think they have to love everything about the person whom they are IN love with. 

This is a common misconception, and it destroys families. Not everyone in the world is going to agree with their partner. There is not one perfect person in the world. We are all created as individuals. We all make mistakes. I know that I have, and yet, that person still loves me for who I am. Flaws and all.

Fights happen. That is just how life goes. If you're mad, go in another room and relax. Too many people get divorced because they can't get past their partner's mistakes. Granted, I can understand that some people can't forgive certain misdeeds. 

I believe we live in a world where marriage and relationships do not mean the same as they once did. Hopefully my children will grow up to create a better world. I want them to change the world. 

Is it so hard to just be in love?

What popular notion do you think the world has wrong?

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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Breastfed Family

All three of my children have been breastfed. Each of our breastfeeding journeys differs in experience and duration. My first child was the ONLY of my children to have a bottle. Which was forced upon us in the hospital. After we left that nightmare, she was exclusively breastfed.

My first child (A), had an extremely difficult time trying to latch. This was brought on by a multitude of factors. Being that I was still young and it was my first child, I had no idea what to expect or how to learn the right way to breastfeed. It's mainly trial and error. I had no experience with baby A. No family that could teach me how to do it. The fact that I had an emergency Cesarean section wouldn't have even mattered, if I could move my body at all. The numbness consumed me. If only baby A and I could get that skin to skin contact right away. Maybe things would have been different.

Baby A - 3 days old
The thought of a lactation consultant didn't come to mind until the medical staff forced me to supplement. I was immensely distraught over not being able to do what was completely natural. 

I remember thinking to myself, "How can I not know how to do this?" The questions I would ask myself would just make the pain more intense. I felt like I was letting my baby down. My body was letting me down. The pain was unbearable. This is the most natural act that I could do, and yet I could not get it to work. My experience was dreadful. The Nurses were of no help. They were awful even. There was even a nurse who was getting flustered by my lack of knowledge in breastfeeding. She would hold tight onto my breast and try to force it into my baby A's mouth. It was so painful. This nurse was far too forceful, and I now know that this is not the proper way to latch a baby. You do not need to grip the breast the way she was. Honestly I feel if I was left alone, I could have managed to do it. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

What my spouse loves most about me

Have you ever asked your spouse what they love about you?
I'm not sure the topic has ever come up. It doesn't seem like something that is needed. But I'm also different from you. 

I think he loves how much alike we are. It's as though we are the same person sometimes.
Also, I'm not sure many women would be able to deal with him the way I can.

What do you think your spouse loves about you?

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What is the hardest part of growing up?

My kids are growing up, lets face it, that's just how life goes. 

Watching baby girls' adorable toothless smile brings me so much joy. She is growing up and getting smarter everyday. Today, she found her feet! Well she has been eye balling them for some time but today she was really trying to play with them. The first of my kids to like their feet. It's OK, they get that from me.

It's really not just her though, my older too are also getting big. Well, obviously they are!

I swear it was just yesterday that I was holding my pumpkin in my arms nursing her! Now she is 4 and in pre-school. Acting like a mini teenager some days. Where did my cute little baby go? 

My son is all boy. This kid has bruises and I couldn't tell you where these thing pop up from. He has no fear, I swear. Then the nest moment he is giving me kisses asking for hugs. He is the most sweetest little boy in the world! He is still behind in speech, but I think it's just that he is intelligent. Even Einstein did not speak until he was 4. 

Honestly, I can't remember not being "grown" up. It must have been at some point that I was a kid. But when i was a teenager I loved being able to be free and do as I please. I went for long drives to Newport RI. ( not far from me) in the middle of the night. My best friend and I had so much fun just being together. I didn't go to party's they came to me. Somewhere between being bullied and becoming a mom I had a small window of popularity I guess. It took me until recently to notice that one. I was going through a lot during that time so I just didn't take much notice.

If I was to tell my kids one thing about growing up it's that they should not rush it. I remember wanting to be 21. It's nothing great. When you are 21 you want to be 16 again. Having that freedom is amazing. That life just wasn't for me. I want so much more for them. They need to find themselves in their own way. I just wish that they will always be able to ask me whatever they wish to. 

I met my now husband at 16 and here we are. I always wanted this life. It may not be perfect but it's mine.
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Friday, January 4, 2013

10 Things I Would Tell My 16 Year Old Self

Are you ready for another installment of my 30 things? Here it goes! If you have missed my last 3 posts then head over here for 20 random facts about me. Also, click here for my 3 most legitimate fears. If you want to know more go here to read about my relationship with my spouse.

10 Things I would tell my 16 year old self

Me at 16

1. Start eating healthy now! You will not like how big you get after having kids. yes, you become a mom!

2. Don't pay attention to those people who say your ugly, you are beautiful!

3. You are an amazing person and do not let them bully you. You are worth much more then you realize.

4. Stay in school! I know it is hard, and those girls make life more difficult then it has to be but you need to hold on. You will love college and staying in school will make it all less difficult.

5. That guy your seeing, you know that cute guy you just met? Keep him! He may drive you crazy and break your heart but he will be your husband one day and you will have a house and three amazing kids. It wont be easy to hang on but trust me it will be worth it.

6. Do not bother with the other guys. You know what I mean.

7. Say sorry to your mother.

8. Start working out! You will want to be in shape or else you will gain 70 lbs with that first kid. You may be thin, but trust me get some muscle!

9. You will want to be a midwife soon, so stay in school! Finish early and go right to college. These pre-requisites are taking me forever!

10. Try to be more outgoing. You will create more opportunities in life if you talk more and open up about how you feel. Stop hiding in the shadows and walk amongst the living. You will have plenty of time to be a zombie when you have three little ones running around.

Sincerely, 23 year old you.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Describe your relationship with your spouse

My oldest two children just went back to school today, after a long Christmas vacation. They were so excited too! I am trying to enjoy how much they love school right now, because as soon as they become teenagers I am sure it will be difficult to even wake them up in the morning. Which that I would not mind right now. If they go to bed late, they still wake up at 6 am.

Did I mention how much I hate the cold weather? It was 6 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside this morning.

Alright, so I am supposed to write about the relationship with my spouse. Personally I just think that is a private matter. So I wont be going into much detail. Every relationship has its high points and its low points. We have gotten through a lot in the last 8 years. We were kids when we met after all. I was only 15 years old. We have a bit of a gap in age, but that never defined us. I was always the mature one in the relationship. We helped each other grow and become better people.

He truly is an amazing father and I am so glad that he is the man I had my children with. I know that I will never find another man quite as caring as he is. He is my rock. The world just would not be the same without him in it. Somehow nothing seems to be able to break us apart. The struggles we have gone through would break up a lot of homes, but we manage to stay strong. I didn't exactly have my father around while growing up, but I wish mine was as great as my husband is.

There is a lot I can say about that amazing man that I call my husband but that is something that should be left  unknown. I do love him to death.

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